Tourism industries strive on visitors who come to our city/ town/ country to visit places of interest and get a break from the monotonous lives. Several cities and towns have tourism industries as their backbone to generate revenues.

Tourist attractions places are usually calm, serene and pure in comparison to the urban lives where we dwell. However, usually people do not realize that vacations refresh us because of the fresh air in those pollution free areas.

Most of tourist attraction places are generally the least polluted areas of the country. Tourism regulatory bodies can add this as a point of goodwill in their promotions and redefine the experience to visiting their town.

Pollution free vacation can act as a great selling point for tourism boards to promote the cities and attract tourists. With polludrone installed at tourisms spots, high level of air quality can be promoted by putting the data open to public in the form of digital billboards showing real time air quality of the areas.


With polludrone a new marketing USP can be created for the tourism industry.Monitor the air pollution levels at tourism spots and invite tourists to experience serene atmoshpehere and pure air.

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