Pollution causes more harm to wildlife than humans. Air pollution causes eutrophication in water which increases the growth of algae which adversely affects the marine life.Industries located near wildlife habitat areas pollute the air forcing the wildlife to either adapt to the deteriorated environment or move to other places in search of clean air, pure water.

Wildlife conservatory boards have imposed restriction on establishing factories near wildlife reserves and sanctuaries but several cottage industries still function in remote areas of the forests and go unnoticed by the officials.
Apart from pollution through industries there are several other factors that deteriorate the air quality in forests, for example carcass of dead animals that lay open in forests etc.


To ensure that the wildlife is not under harm due to air pollution, the Polludrone keeps a track of the air quality in forests areas and whenever there is some unusual change in the air quality and temperature forest officials are immediately informed who can visit the place to check and take required actions. Through Polludrone it becomes easier to detect in case of Forest Fires as well, during a fire a lot of Carbon monoxide is produced which can be instantly detected on the device and an alert message can be send.

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