At the cost of developing a better tomorrow the harm we are doing to the environment is inexcusable. Industrial revolution begun in the mid 19th Century and since then we have been hampering our environment for our comforts and our need for resources. The demand has always been greater than the supply, making us exploit the ecosystem to the core.

Industrial pollution has been one of the major contributors to the total pollution. Several active steps have been taken by regulatory bodies to bring down the pollution level and harmful gases emitted from the industries. However, a satisfactory result cannot be obtained as it is not possible to detect pollution caused by each and every industry.

It is the duty of industries to install Air Pollution monitors in their premises and detect the air quality and keep a check on the environment. However, the Air Pollution Monitors are very expensive and need constant manpower, hence midsized and cottage industries cannot afford to monitor air quality of their industrial premises.


Polludrone has been created keeping in mind the need of mid sized and cottage industries who can install it and get real time data about pollution caused by their industries. Various industries release various kinds of gases, which are harmful to the ecosystem. Polludrone is designed with highly modular sensor system which can be altered as per requirements. Therefore, industries can have Polludrone to measure the gases as per their requirements.

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