Case Studies

Oizom implemented Outdoor Pollution Monitoring System to understand the role of automated toll booths in reducing highway pollution.

Monitoring for Toll Booth Automation

Oizom installed Outdoor Pollution Monitoring System on Alwar Highway to help Quantela study the efficiency of automating toll booths by reducing emissions.

Palava city provides a better liveable environment to its citizens by deploying Oizom Air Monitoring System - Polludrone.

Smart Campus Monitoring in Palava

Oizom deployed Air Quality Solution at strategic locations across Palava city to create awareness amongst the citizens on the ambient air quality and offer suggestive actions. Through data-driven decision, the impact of air pollution reduced by up to 10% in Palava.

Kanjurmarg dumpyard has installed dumpyard Odor Monitoring Solution for its solid waste odor solution.

Odour Monitoring at Dumpyard

Oizom installed Odosense in the peripheral area of Kanjurmarg Dumpyard to monitor the odourful gases from the waste. The solution provided real-time odour monitoring for source detection and impact analysis on the neighbourhood for immediate corrective measures.

Kakinada smart city has Environmental Pollution Monitoring system using Oizom Polludrone to achieve its smart city mission.

Kakinada Smart City Monitoring

Kakinada Municipal Corporation partnered with Sterlite Tech to analyze their city’s environment and create awareness among people. Oizom installed Polludrone to monitor real-time pollution data and environmental parameters. Through the solution, Kakinada authorities reduced the total environmental monitoring cost by 50%.

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