Electric Cars & Air Pollution: Towards a greener Environment

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Electric Cars & Air Pollution: Towards a greener Environment

It’s Wednesday already and most of us aren’t over the weekend mode. This weekend on 22nd April, the World Earth Day was celebrated.

We all spend our weekends, partying out with friends or taking the road trip which we spent the entire last week thinking about. Or just inside the cubicle buried under the heavy loads of work. But the most common sight was of cars rushing across the streets and roads. Making the air tainted with the flavour of exhaust smoke.

Smoking causes lung cancer is the evergreen poster. Nearly 80% of lung illness is caused by pollutants released into the air from automobiles and machines burning fossil fuels. So in the future, we shouldn’t be surprised if there are posters saying “Breathing Kills”.

Automobile and machinery are two words of the industrial revolution which changed the history of the world. Now the major cause of environmental pollution.

Electric car towards greener environment

“Poison cures poison” is a very old saying. We also need technology to cure this menace. Electric cars and clean energy grid are necessary to reduce environmental pollution. It is known from studies and research that pure electric cars do not emit harmful emissions. In fact, they don’t even have an exhaust pipe. In simple terms, electric cars are a greener way. There are a  plethora of other advantages of having an electric car. Theoretically lithium, an important component in batteries, is recyclable unlimited number of times. Hence, even the hassle of maintenance is gone (lubrication for the engine). Their engines are known for its silence. This means they contribute to the reduction in noise pollution as well.

There are certain drawbacks too. Electric cars require longer charge time (4-6 hours) and less distance is covered (50-100 miles). Tesla, a pioneer in eco-friendly cars is making these shortcomings as a statement of past. Did you know Tesla was recently fined for nitrogen emissions at its manufacturing plant in Fremont?  “ The Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced today that Tesla, Inc., has agreed to pay a $139,500 penalty, and to install a rooftop solar power system at a Boys and Girls Club, to settle air quality violations at its manufacturing plant in Fremont.”  This shows whether it’s a huge company as Tesla or others, things are changing.

But the question remains will only electric cars change the environmental scenario? We need to remember that electricity plays an important role in all of this. Hence the source of electricity plays an important factor as well. To be said electric car is a short run plan. A need for clean energy grid has to be emphasised to make a large impact in the long run. Technology has been changing the world and will keep changing it for better or worse. But this is our Earth and our planet — known unique for living life. We all need to preserve it and every small step taken is what it needs to change it.

To change the world, start with one step. However small, the first step is hardest of all.

— Dave Matthews Band