Environmental Monitoring for Ahmedabad City

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Location: Ahmedabad, India
Objective: Urban Air-Quality Monitoring
In Association with: Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
Solution: Polludrone at 10 Locations Ambient Air Quality Monitoring.

Problem Statement 

A rapid increment in industrialization and urbanization have affected our environment which is responsible for toxification and pollution in the air. Thus, monitoring of air becomes more critical with the conventional bulky architecture air quality monitors placed at very limited stations.


Ahmedabad economy’s main pillar is the textile industry. So the city is crowded with heavy, mid-range, small-scale industries. Due to the rate of increment in city development, it has increased the standard of living which eventually has increased the no. of vehicles and continuous degradation in ambient air-quality resulting in the increase of pollution in the city. According to the report by WHO, Ahmedabad ranks 13th in the most polluted cities in the world. Unfortunately, in the widespread area of 464 square kilometers, there are few pollution monitoring equipments which are insufficient to provide air-quality information on a continuous basis.


Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) took an advanced step towards the technology and decided to install 10 Polludrones which are compact in design and gives continuous air quality monitoring. As an ecological initiative, AMC decided to adopt a self-sustainable solar-powered solution.
Oizom along with CII installed Polludrones at 10 most occupied traffic junctions of Ahmedabad. By analyzing the areas, the smart data solutions revealed the sudden increment in PM2.5 and PM10 during early-morning and peak-hours. Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has decided to set up the visual system to spread the awareness about the real time pollution data of the city to all the citizens of the city.


After 10 successful installations across the city and validation of the real time data for 6 months, CII identified the necessity of 80 such installations across the city to cover most of the developed area for monitoring to create a real-time Pollution Map of the city.
Along with this, AMC is also planning to open the data to the citizens of Ahmedabad city by means of Mobile-App, LED display Boards, Websites etc.
Oizom has also provided API to AMC to build their own platform to generate smart reports and analyze the continuous real time ambient air-quality data.

Way Forward

AMC along with OIZOM are planning to install 80 another polludrone across the city.