Oizom instruments hold key on various sensor technologies for its IoT instruments, the sensors are enhanced through constant calibrations and validations. Oizom Instruments has its sensors validated on proven fundamentals like NDIR, Electrochemical, Semiconductor, Noise-Mic, Optical, Laser-Scattering etc. Our measurement methods are based on cross-technology comparison which allows us to pick the best sensors for the required application.

The IT infrastructure is the pillars upon which Oizom instruments embarks its journey. The data transmission protocols are highly secured and protected by data encryption methods. The cloud servers can withhold high QPS with zero drop-down rate which makes cloud computing and real-time data readily available on the Oizom Terminal. With Intelligent Algorithms, machine learning and data science Oizom terminal provide accurate analysis, smart reports and custom notifications.



Create a dense network of environmental data acquisition points for data driven decision making and predictions.



Blend advanced technology with Natural resources to create Artificial Intelligence for the environment.


Acquire dense Environmental data to unveil correlations between Environmental parameters.

IoT Environmental Instruments

Oizom Instruments are built in accordance with the latest IoT protocols & networked sensors systems. Oizom Instruments collects environmental data with the highest possible accuracy. Each of Oizom Instruments are uniquely designed to solve its purpose and critical application.

Bringing Change through Awareness

Environmental degradation and pollution are global issues which can only be solved by combined efforts. Kickstarting towards the change, Oizom is spreading awareness through community efforts in the form of data followed by actions to fight against it. Oizom is building eco-community platforms to solve global issues through community solutions.

Pollution Source Spotting

Through strategic installations, Oizom develops a dense data-grid of networked instruments which helps in understanding the phenomena of pollution and climate change. Through the monitoring on the fourth dimension of time, environmental mapping, spotting and resolving the sources of pollution becomes possible

Forecasting & Climate-change Analysis

Oizom Big-data is the key of accurate forecasting & change analysis of environmental conditions. Oizom artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms identify unique patterns in environmental dynamics and provide accurate forecasting and predictions through machine learning.<br />

Environmental Data

Oizom collects data on real time basis through the networked IoT instruments. Oizom terminal acts as a visualization and analytics platform to serve the data in the form of reports. The segregated and consolidated data assists in monitoring the quality and controlling the overuse of natural resources.

Framework For Policy Building

Policies are designed to bring change at macro levels. Pollution is a problem that is encountered at a global level. Thorough research needs to be conducted before implementing the policies that ensure it will reduce them. Oizom provides governance bodies reports and historical data through which analysis and studies can be conducted to create promising policies.

Our Process

Problem Identification


The Client/Customer will provide a problem statement with clear agendas, Else Oizom shall pitch to the client/customer with an identified problem along with possible solutions.

Solution Synthesis


After Problem Identification, Oizom team will interact with primary/secondary stakeholders of the project along with the customer/client to explore various possibilities through a workshop, survey, questionnaire, field visit, communication.




Oizom shall propose a simple, cost effective and sustainable solution after evaluation, Based on which a financial proposal shall be given.

Project Execution


Based on the techno-commercial confirmation a project execution plan shall be proposed. This shall enact as an overview for project execution with proper coordination along with all the partner companies and clients.




Oizom shall include the proposed architecture of the solution, various integrations and partners involved and their scope of work.


Oizom has the edge in IoT technology having years of experience to back our technology stack. Oizom brings to life the IoT technology for the connected and seamless experience in a smart city as well as various environmental data acquisition solution applications. Oizom Environmental IoT platform combines IoT, Cloud Analytics and Security with shared connectivity and data.


Building Blocks of our Technology:


  • Pro Device Management on Cloud with the flexibility to choose or change Environmental Monitors configurations within seconds.
  • Automated API creation and runtime management as well as analytics on sensor data. We have developed easy-to-use and integratable APIs for our sensor data which enables us to grow our strategic partner’s ecosystem i.e. Network Operations Center, Command Control Center, Building Management Softwares, Digital Signage Solutions providers and more.
  • Powerful and seamless integration of relational databases to handle a large volume of Environmental Sensor data.
  • Data Verification and Analytics Algorithms to monitor unusual and cognitive behaviours of the data.
  • We have programmed the Environmental IoT Platform to feature Flexible Network Connectivity for smooth data retrieval. Our solutions are enabled with different communication channels such as GSM(3G), LoRa, WiFi, Wired Technologies(RS232, RS485).


Ankit Vyas


Handles the team of business developers and product designers

Sohil Patel


Tech ninja who forte has been IoT

Vrushank Vyas


Handle a team of Environmental Specialists, Product designers

Jainam Mehta


Handles all the communication


We design solutions for a better tomorrow


Environment and Pollution are on the opposite side on the coin of development. We need to join hands to save Mother Nature with the help of technology.