Oizom installed Smartcity Online Pollution Monitoring System for pollution monitoring and create awareness.

Gandhinagar Smart City Monitoring

Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation monitored the city’s environmental health by installing Oizom Polludrone. In addition to Air Quality, the Polludrone also monitored the Rain Levels to complement the weather stations.

Granada University monitors campus pollution using Outdoor Air Quality Monitor to provide a better environment.

Granada Campus Monitoring

Oizom helped CISCO to convert it into a smart campus by offering Environmental Monitoring. Polludrone monitored critical ambient parameters in real-time within the campus and displayed the data to the students for their awareness.

Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia monitors airport pollution using Outdoor Air Pollution Sensor to identify the pollution source.

Airport Monitoring at Riyadh Airport

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport faces heavy pollution due to frequent dust storms and airplane emissions. Oizom helped in monitoring the air quality of the airport by installing Polludrone.

Oizom installed Polludrone Ambient Air Monitoring Equipment for city pollution monitoring.

Varanasi Smart City Monitoring

Varanasi Municipal Corporation had to monitor the increasing pollution in the city, mainly due to increased tourism and infrastructure developments. Oizom deployed Polludrone in the city to analyze the pollution and meteorological parameters. The solution helped in devising a graded action plan to combat pollution.

Surat city monitors air quality using Environmental Quality Monitoring system for the better environmental health of the city.

Surat Smart City Monitoring

Surat Municipal Corporation wanted to monitor the city’s environmental condition as part of their smart city mission. With the help of Oizom’s Polludrone, they were able to observe the city’s health in real-time. The collected data was also showcased through web widgets in the city’s official website.

Oizom provides Pollution Monitoring System for industries to monitor the air pollution of GMR Thermal Power Plant.

Power Plant Air Quality Monitoring

To meet the emission standards, the GMR Warora thermal plant needed to monitor and reduce the pollutants generated by stacking and moving of raw materials. Oizom Polludrone was installed to identify and monitor the ambient pollution level. The solution assisted in the automation of the air purifiers for suppressing the particulate pollution.

JCB manufacturing plant at Pune monitors the plant air quality using Oizom Particulate Sensor to suppress dust generation.

Dust Monitoring for Air Purification

Heavy welding, metal cutting, and buffing activities inside the JCB manufacturing plant generate high amounts of PM2.5 & PM10 (exceeding 300 ug/m3). Oizom deployed Dustroid to monitor real-time dust particle generation within the facility. The solution helped in setting up a threshold for the particulates and activate the air purification systems immediately.

Abdul Aziz Tunnel monitors the vehicular emission to reduce traffic pollution using Polludrone Outdoor Air Pollution Sensor.

Emission Monitoring in Tunnel

With the massive influx of Pilgrims to Mecca every year, the Abdul Aziz Tunnel in Jeddah faces excessive pollution during the holy month of Ramadan. Oizom stationed Polludrone throughout the tunnel to observe the vehicular emission. The data helped the authorities to identify the peak pollution hours and deploy data-driven solutions for bringing down the …

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Palava city achieves foul smell monitoring in the city using Oizom Odosense odor monitor to provide a better lifestyle.

STP Odour Monitoring in Palava

Oizom installed Odosense near STPs & ETPs of the Palava city. This solution enabled the maintenance and cleaning crew to track the odour concentration from these plants in real-time and take corrective measures for its control. The inconvenience caused due to odour dispersion in the Palava Campus was reduced significantly by suppressing the odour on …

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Gujarat uses Ambient Air Monitoring Equipment for monitoring the pollution rate due to tourism through environmental sensors.

Ambient Monitoring for Ecotourism

Gujarat Tourism association wanted to monitor the effect of increased tourism on the air quality of the tourist spots in real-time. Oizom installed Polludrone at 5 major tourist spots. The solution gave data of particulates generated, harmful gases released and increase in temperature. Gujarat Tourism was able to analyze the environment’s effect on the tourists …

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