Road Safety

Abdul Aziz Tunnel monitors the vehicular emission to reduce traffic pollution using Polludrone Outdoor Air Pollution Sensor.

Emission Monitoring in Tunnel

With the massive influx of Pilgrims to Mecca every year, the Abdul Aziz Tunnel in Jeddah faces excessive pollution during the holy month of Ramadan. Oizom stationed Polludrone throughout the tunnel to observe the vehicular emission. The data helped the authorities to identify the peak pollution hours and deploy data-driven solutions for bringing down the …

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Oizom implemented Outdoor Pollution Monitoring System to understand the role of automated toll booths in reducing highway pollution.

Monitoring for Toll Booth Automation

To demonstrate the efficiency of automated toll booths, Oizom installed Polludrone and helped Quantela monitor the Air Quality at Shahjahanpur toll booth, Alwar.  Polludrone monitored the real-time air quality at the toll booth and studied the increase in vehicular emissions due to frequent braking.

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