What is Oizom?

Oizom is a Clean-tech IoT company. Oizom offers Smart Environmental Monitoring Solutions for communities, authorities and industries. Through a well-integrated hardware-software ecosystem, Oizom design flexible, scalable and durable solutions for nationwide deployments. Oizom solution is capable of 360° Environmental monitoring comprising Air-Quality, Weather, Traffic, Disaster, Radiation and Noise.

Through smart solutions and data-science, Oizom is striving to play an important role in the future cities. More info About Us : Click here

What does Polludrone measure?

Polludrone is the world’s first Fully Solar Powered, Most Compact Environmental Monitoring solution working on Active Sampling method. Polludrone can sense more than 36 different environmental parameters like Particulates, Odour, Toxic Gases, Environmental Gases, Industrial Pollutants, Vehicular Pollutants etc. More info on Polludrone : Click here

Does Oizom offer any solution for Odour Measurement?

Yes. Oizom Odosense is a complete odour monitoring solution designed to detect and measure the concentration of odourful gases and gaseous contaminants. Odosense is fully solar solution with wireless data transfer capabilities which makes it an ideal choice for applications like landfill sites, wastewater treatment facilities, fertilizers & paper-pulp industries and soil-treatment sites. More info on Odosense : Click here