Ranked No. 1 by JLL in its ‘Livability Quotient’, Palava City is located at the centre of the economic triangle of Navi Mumbai, Thane, and Kalyan. Palava City is home to over 30,000 families. With such a big resident group it is indeed a big responsibility to make sure they are leading a healthy lifestyle.



Problem Statement:


Palava City Management Association comprises of the Citizens of Palava and expert city administrators who are responsible for the whole urban planning and well-being of the residents. It was came to PCMA’s attention that a few residents were experiencing odour problems in their area. 

PCMA quickly turned to Oizom to get at the root of the problem. Oizom has a wide range of Environmental Monitoring Solutions, All of which are Real Time Emission Monitoring. As Odour and Air Pollution is highly dependent on the Wind Speed and Direction, real-time monitoring helps in identifying the emission rate as they occur. 

All the luxury in the world does not mean much if the residents can not enjoy their own property and outdoor activities. It became PCMA’s mission to strictly monitor the Air Quality of the Palava City. Not only they wanted to measure but also showcase the same to their residents to spread awareness.

Our Solution:


After a detailed site survey, Oizom experts spotted particulate matters and odourful gases to be the cause of the problem. Thus, Oizom proposed Air Quality Solution Combined with Odour Monitor. Among the different versions, Polludrone Smart which measures PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, SO2, NO, NO2, O3, Noise, Light was installed at the defined location.

Odosense is the most advanced e-nose developed particularly for the odourful components dispersing from Sewage Treatment Plants, Landfill site, Effluent Treatment Plant. After a strategic planning Odosense was deployed near local STP in Palava City for continuous emission monitoring. Odosense Smart measures SO2, NO2, H2S, CO, NH3, CH4, VOC, CH2O.

For the PCMA Admins to view the data, we setup the Oizom Terminal. The Cloud based application helps visualize AQI data hourly/monthly in user-friendly manner. The Admins can define intervals for the automatic report generations and get real time alerts.

At Oizom, we are engaged in the Environmental Solution cycle from identifying the problem to provide a solution. Now, to spread public awareness Oizom setup a 2×3 feet Outdoor LED display. This Display is framed in a beautiful casing and shows the real time and 24 hour avg data of Air Quality of Palva. Oizom, having a superior tech stack available, designed custom screens for LED TVs that presented Air Quality Data in an attractive manner.



As health is a priority for many buyers and as the correlation between health and air-quality is a proven fact, it is only logical to offer accurate air quality alongside other major selling points. Oizom Environmental Monitoring solutions are one of its kind with modular, retrofit design and cutting edge technology. All our solutions are Internet of Things based which means the devices can be remotely managed without any hassle. Oizom Terminal offers the most user friendly Data Visualization and Analytics. It is safe to say Palava City is monitoring Quality of Air to assure Quality of Life for their residents.