What sets us apart !

We blend advanced technology with natural resources to understand and predict the environment.

Highly Scalable


Oizom offers flexible, scalable and durable solutions for nationwide deployments.

End to End Solution


Using a well integrated hardware & software eco-system, Oizom offers End-to-End solutions for application specific use-cases.

Sustainable Approach


Most of the Oizom solutions are fully Solar-powered and works on renewable energy.

Patented Technology


Oizom works with Patent Pending Sensing technology to ensure data accuracy.

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Smart Environmental Solutions


Smart Environmental Solutions enables industries and society to implement concrete actions to prevent Environmental Deterioration.
Oizom’s Smart Environmental Solutions comprises of Odour Monitoring and Control, Waste Process Control, Industrial Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Research, Special Purpose Environmental Solutions.


Urban Solutions

Oizom is committed to rationalise the term “Smart Solutions” by enabling citizens and authorities to take data-driven decisions for actions, infrastructure, regulations and policy level changes. Oizom provides smart grid monitoring solutions for: Environment, Traffic, Weather, Public Hazards, Disasters etc.


Unleash the power of the State of the art environmental monitoring solution


Denser Network of Environmental Monitoring Solutions makes us “Air Aware”. Better Monitoring allows people to adjust their behaviors and take actions to avoid higher exposure levels on real-time basis.