There has been a drastic change in the climate in the past 50 years. Glaciers are melting, increasing the water at sea level there are uneven rains and floods causing loss of plant and animal life. Uneven seasons deteriorate the crops making fertile lands useless.

Pollution is one of the prime reasons for climate change, according to a report, the Ozone layer above the city of Mumbai, India, has depleted beyond repairs. Excessive air pollution is depleting the ozone layer in the major cities of the globe, putting the citizens to the risk of direct UV rays which causes skin diseases.

Suggestive measures need to be taken against air pollution, but to take relevant steps we need to detect the actual source of pollution and the factors causing it. Once we have spotted areas and sources of pollution we can take actions accordingly to control it.

Detecting of pollution spots is only possible if we monitor pollution levels at regular distances and project it on a heat map. Is it viable to detect pollution level of an area at every square kilometre?


Yes, with Polludrone we can measure pollution levels at regular distance intervals and detect the actual source of pollution. Polludrone, a cost effective air pollution monitor can be mounted on poles at regular distances to assist us detect the exact source of pollution.

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