Oizom provides Pollution Monitoring System for industries to monitor the air pollution of GMR Thermal Power Plant.

Power Plant Air Quality Monitoring

To meet the emission standards, the GMR Warora thermal plant needed to monitor and reduce the pollutants generated by stacking and moving of raw materials. Oizom Polludrone was installed to identify and monitor the ambient pollution level. The solution assisted in the automation of the air purifiers for suppressing the particulate pollution.

JCB manufacturing plant at Pune monitors the plant air quality using Oizom Particulate Sensor to suppress dust generation.

Dust Monitoring for Air Purification

Heavy welding, metal cutting, and buffing activities inside the JCB manufacturing plant generate high amounts of PM2.5 & PM10 (exceeding 300 ug/m3). Oizom deployed Dustroid to monitor real-time dust particle generation within the facility. The solution helped in setting up a threshold for the particulates and activate the air purification systems immediately.

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