Due to rapid urbanization and industrialization, the cities are becoming clumsy day by day. Due to Rapid development and growth, most of the cities are not sustainable. Pollution is the biggest issue most of the urban spaces are faces these days. As a solution Oizom provide the technology to go into the roots of the problem by monitoring essential environmental parameters like pollution, radiation, noise, traffic, weather etc. The real time data is visualized and analyzed using our data solutions. The data platform served the actionable insights based on the analytics. The actionable insights coming from Oizom’s platform leads to prompt and better actions. This insights are useful for better city-planning, infrastructure, transportation-design, waste-management and industrial-policies. Such improvements are essential for a healthy living and quality of life. These solutions can be implement citywide/nationwide scale by the authorities like smart city companies, municipal corporation, environmental organizations, communities, real estate builders etc.


Oizom_Icons_360 solution

A 360 Degree Environmental Monitoring Solution

Oizom_Icons_weather monitoring

A Comprehensive and Cost Effective Solution for Environmental Monitoring


A Innovative Approach for Real Time Environmental Management


Smart City Infrastructure

End to End Environmental Monitoring for Smart City to take Data Driven Decisions


Public Hazard Monitoring

A Pollution Source Detection Platform to Decide Public Hazard in Different Areas of the City


Highway Monitoring Infrastructure

A Comprehensive Solution For Better Traffic Management, Preventive Maintenance and Road Safety to the Highway Transportation


HVAC Automation Solution Based on Air Quality

Positive Air Quality Based Ventilation System for Buildings to Maintain Better Air Quality Inside the Building