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Granada University monitors campus pollution using Outdoor Air Quality Monitor to provide a better environment.

Granada Campus Monitoring

Oizom helped CISCO to convert it into a smart campus by offering Environmental Monitoring. Polludrone monitored critical ambient parameters in real-time within the campus and displayed the data to the students for their awareness.

Riyadh airport in Saudi Arabia monitors airport pollution using Outdoor Air Pollution Sensor to identify the pollution source.

Airport Monitoring at Riyadh Airport

Riyadh King Khalid International Airport faces heavy pollution due to frequent dust storms and airplane emissions. Oizom helped in monitoring the air quality of the airport by installing Polludrone.

Gujarat uses Ambient Air Monitoring Equipment for monitoring the pollution rate due to tourism through environmental sensors.

Ambient Monitoring for Ecotourism

Gujarat Tourism association wanted to monitor the effect of increased tourism on the air quality of the tourist spots in real-time. Oizom installed Polludrone at 5 major tourist spots. The solution gave data of particulates generated, harmful gases released and increase in temperature. Gujarat Tourism was able to analyze the environment’s effect on the tourists …

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IODA performs Delhi city pollution monitoring to create open environment data using Air Quality Modelling Software.

Monitoring for Open Environmental Data

The increasing pollution in Delhi compelled IODA to create open environmental data for the citizens’ awareness. Oizom helped IODA to install Polludrone units across Delhi to monitor different particulate matter generation and its source location. The data was displayed in a mobile app to aware people of the current situations to take relevant actions.

BHU campus monitors the environmental health of the campus using Oizom AQMS - Polludrone.

BHU Campus Monitoring

Oizom installed Polludrone to monitor the environmental health of Banaras Hindu University campus. It monitored ambient air quality like particulate matter, gases and weather to aware the students. The solution showcased the data and also provided suggestive actions to help them take informed healthcare decisions based on AQI.

Palava city provides a better liveable environment to its citizens by deploying Oizom Air Monitoring System - Polludrone.

Smart Campus Monitoring in Palava

Oizom deployed Air Quality Solution at strategic locations across Palava city to create awareness amongst the citizens on the ambient air quality and offer suggestive actions. Through data-driven decision, the impact of air pollution reduced by up to 10% in Palava.

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