Power Plant Air Quality Monitoring

Oizom installed Polludrone – a Pollution Monitoring System around GMR Warora Power Plant to meet the emission standards of the plant and suppress pollution.

Dust Monitoring for Air Purification

Oizom deployed Particulate Sensor Dustroid to monitor real-time dust generation within the JCB manufacturing plant and activate the air purifiers.

Emission Monitoring in Tunnel

Outdoor Air Pollution Sensor Polludrone is installed inside the Abdul Aziz tunnel to monitor the vehicular emission and identify the peak pollution hours.

STP Odour Monitoring in Palava

Through Oizom Odor Monitor Odosense, the inconvenience from STP odour dispersion in the Palava Campus was reduced significantly by suppressing the odour.

Ambient Monitoring for Ecotourism

Gujarat Tourism installed Ambient Air Monitor at 5 major tourist spots to monitor the ambient pollution and its impact on tourists.

Monitoring for Open Environmental Data

Oizom helped IODA in creating public awareness by providing ambient air monitoring and Air Quality Modelling Software for open environment data in Delhi.

BHU Campus Monitoring

Oizom deployed Polludrone (AQMS ) to monitor the environmental health of the BHU campus and alert the students of the pollution level.

Monitoring for Toll Booth Automation

Oizom installed Outdoor Pollution Monitoring System on Alwar Highway to help Quantela study the efficiency of automating toll booths by reducing emissions.

Smart Campus Monitoring in Palava

Oizom deployed Air Quality Solution at strategic locations across Palava city to create awareness amongst the citizens on the ambient air quality and offer suggestive actions. Through data-driven decision, the impact of air pollution reduced by up to 10% in Palava.

Odour Monitoring at Dumpyard

Oizom installed Odosense in the peripheral area of Kanjurmarg Dumpyard to monitor the odourful gases from the waste. The solution provided real-time odour monitoring for source detection and impact analysis on the neighbourhood for immediate corrective measures.

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